What We Are

Our remote-controlled race cars spin, crash, hit the wall, and keep on going.  Experience an unforgiving, high-banked oval track and sturdy cars that pound on each other all the way to the finish line. You have a steering wheel, forward and reverse gears, and whatever driving skills you possess to get your car to the checkered flag.

We've set out to become the best NASCAR-themed portable remote-controlled race track by offering our clientele the most flexible and reliable options available.

Our premier LINE-X sprayed-on track can run up to six cars and be configured in any one of nine configurations, from a 16' circle to a 16'x28' standard oval and is perfect for large multi-day events such as fairs, festivals, and corporate weekends.

Our more-portable 12'x18' carpet track fits the bill for smaller occasions such as birthday parties, Friday night poker games, and wedding receptions.

Our large 42" vivid-color lap counter screen shows which place each car is in as well as the number of laps completed throughout the race.

Our checkered-flag 36' diameter tent is also available for some much-needed shade on those hot summer days. 

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